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We give regular workshops on healthy living with chiropractic lifestyles and many other topics including: reducing stress naturally; eliminating allergy problems; increasing your energy; boost
-ing your natural immune system; losing weight, and many more. Afterwords, feel free to stick around and ask the doctor questions!
12171 W Parmer Ln, Ste 203
Cedar Park, Texas

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.Next Workshop - May 31, 6:30 -7:00 p.m
Chiropractic 101 - Fact v. Fiction
We will be debunking chiropractic myths, hocus-pocus allegations, mumbo-jumbo and other malarkey!!!
The basic premise of chiropractic philosophy is: “The power that makes the body heals the body.” 
There is a vitalistic force constantly at work in all living things, keeping them organized and adapting to the forces in their environment. This life force is the vibration which keeps all life going forward, and holds every cell and particle together. The ordinary man is not usually aware of this vibrational frequency, nor is he always mindful that this force maintains his life as well as the Earth itself.

The human body is miraculous. This principle of organization produces a self-healing, self-organizing and self-regulating organism that is adapting and appropriately responding to its environment, constantly striving for optimal function. In chiropractic, this is known as “innate intelligence.”

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