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Pediatric Chiropractic
A lot of people question why any child would ever need to be adjusted by a chiropractor and when we introduce ourselves as Pediatric Chiropractic Specialists, we often times get blank stares.  For those people who think that chiropractic care is all about pain, we can somewhat understand their concern.  But regardless, here’s why it’s so important that kids get checked.
Holistic Chiropractic
     We don’t actually “treat” anything. However, by analyzing the patient for vertebral subluxations and correcting them, we restore the body to a homeostatic state or “balance out” the nervous system, and many health issues then resolve naturally.
     Conditions such as Ménière’s, tinnitus, and high blood pressure have been seen to normalize under chiropractic care. Ménière’s is an inner-ear disorder that affects hearing and balance. The vestibular nerve, a cranial nerve, plays a role in balance and coordination of the inner ear.
     The brainstem, sitting within the “foramen magnum of the atlas”—or C1 vertebra—directly links to all cranial nerves, including the vestibular nerve. When we see a subluxation in the atlas [the first vertebra, which supports the head] putting pressure on the brainstem, this can profoundly affect function of the vestibular nerve, ultimately serving to cause inner-ear dysfunction, which can include tinnitus, vertigo, and hearing loss—the triad known as Ménière’s disease. 
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